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When exactly does the festival take place?
The event will be held on the sixth (6) of January, 2023.

Where exactly can I find the festival?
Black Star Square, also known as Independence Square. It is located between the Accra Sports Stadium and Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park.

What is the minimum age requirement?
EVERY AGE GROUP IS WELCOME TO ATTEND THE BLACK STAR LINE FESTIVAL. Children are allowed and there will be a designated area for them to play. In addition, there will be a distinct area for senior persons.

What are the steps I need to take to become a seller at Black Star line Festival?
Please submit your application here if you are interested in operating a concession stand at the festival.


Where can I find information about Ghana’s entry requirements?
It is essential that you confirm that the information regarding Ghana’s entrance requirements that you are using is current and accurate.

You are accountable for verifying and satisfying any entrance, passport, visa, health, and immigration requirements that are relevant to your itinerary. Regarding this topic, all the information we can supply is broad. You are required to check the criteria for your own unique situation with the appropriate Embassies and/or Consulates, as well as with your own personal physician, as appropriate. Because the requirements are subject to change, you are responsible for verifying the most recent version well in advance of your departure.


How’s the weather in Accra?

Accra experiences approximately 12 hours of daylight and a midday temperature of 30 degrees Celsius on average during the month of December.


What language is spoken in the area?

Twi and English are the two most common tongues used in daily communication in Ghana.


Which forms of money do I need to bring with me?

In Ghana, the cedi is the currency that is used officially. You won’t have any trouble purchasing these at the airport, the bank, or the post office.


There will be security and staff on duty during the duration of the festival. In the event of an emergency, you should look for a member of the staff who will be able to help or direct you to the appropriate aid.

Please make touch with a member of the staff or a police officer as soon as possible if you witness a serious or life-threatening crime being committed.

In the extremely improbable case that you are unable to locate someone, please dial 112. (the local emergency hotline).


The virus that causes yellow fever is spread from person to person by infected mosquitoes. When it comes to warding off yellow fever, one of the most essential things you can do is steer clear of getting bitten by mosquitoes. For further information, please see the page dedicated to yellow fever.

The vaccination against yellow fever offers protection against the disease. After receiving the vaccination, you will be provided with a yellow fever vaccine certificate as evidence that you have been immunized against yellow fever and are therefore protected against illness. This certificate has been formatted to fit inside of your passport, and it is valid for the rest of your life.

There are two main arguments in favor of recommending the vaccine:

In order to prevent you from becoming infected with yellow fever virus if you travel to a country where the disease is prevalent. Visit the websites dedicated specifically to each nation if you want special information about your visit.
to stop the contagious sickness from spreading from country to country across the globe. Countries that require confirmation of vaccination are those in which the illness is either endemic, meaning that it already exists there, or potentially endemic, meaning that they have the appropriate species of mosquito and monkey that are capable of harboring the infection.

Travelers moving between nations that have yellow fever and countries where it could be transmitted are typically asked to present proof that they have been vaccinated (and sometimes for travellers transiting through such countries).








Where should I make my reservation?
Around Black Star Square, there is a wide variety of high-caliber hotels, villas, and apartments available for rent due to Accra’s popularity as a tourist destination.

How can I make changes to the reservation details for my hotel room?
If you need to make any changes to your reservation, such as the arrival or departure time, the length of your stay, or your personal information, please get in touch with the lodging provider directly.

When do guests check in and when do they check out?
There is no standard time for guests to check in or check out of hotels, villas, or residences. Please get in touch with the company that is providing your lodging directly.

Where would be a good place to keep my belongings?
The majority of hotel rooms already have safety deposit boxes installed, but some establishments charge a small fee for their use. When making your reservation, check with your accommodation for any relevant details.

Which airport should I fly into if I want to get there?
Kotoka International Airport is the airport that is most convenient for getting to and from the festival. There are flights, both direct and non-direct, to and from the airport departing from many different locations in the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe, and Africa.

Visit the Kotoka International Airport website to keep up to date with all the latest regualtions and requirements such as COVID19 vaccination details.


United Airlines and Black Star Festival have partnered to offer up to a 10% discount on airfare for a limited time. USING THIS AIRLINE CODE FOR PAYMENT: Zmu6800486



This event is accessible for all peoples. Wheelchair access as well as ASL interpreters will be on site. Call this number for questions regarding accommodations – 054 407 7150